What is a Process or Procedure?


A business process or procedure is a list of steps taken to successfully complete a task. It should be clear and concise so that any reader can follow each step, comprehend what needs to be done, and achieve the desired outcome.  The process or procedure should also be repeatable and accurately reflect how each task in your business is performed.

A process can detail the simplest task in your organisation, like answering the phone, for example. On the surface, it seems like a little bit of overkill to write a procedure about answering the phone, because everyone can answer the phone, right?!  Wrong.

While incoming phone calls can be answered by anyone, how your customer experiences their call being answered, is the first impression they will have of your business.  What to do with that call, all become part of the process.  Knowing how to put the call on hold, transfer through to the appropriate person or take a message, all add into your customer experience and need to be professional and seamless.

So, when your receptionist is suddenly ill, a well-documented procedure will allow someone else (another staff member or temp, for example) to step in and cover that task with minimal fuss and disruption.

Using this is an example of an amazingly simple yet important process relevant to most organisations, look at your business and identify all the tasks performed by every staff member.  These are all the processes that need to be documented, reviewed, and regularly updated to ensure that your business can continue to run efficiently and effectively.



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