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Process Revolution was born out of the need to support small businesses. My dream is to help you document what is essential to your business, but that takes time away from the daily running and is always last on the list… processes and procedures.

Experience has taught me to always prepare for the unexpected. When a good friend of mine ended up in ICU after an accident, I was asked to step in and help out the owner of the business while she recovered. Nothing within the business was documented.

Passwords to websites and the procedures on how to invoice and dispatch online orders all lived in her head. If something tragic had happened to her, that business would have ground to a halt, even more than it already had. The business ran multiple websites and had a backlog of approximately 3 weeks’ worth of orders that needed to be invoiced, packed and dispatched. That was not including all the enquirers that needed to be responded to.

As it was, it took me weeks to catch up on the work that hadn’t been done, and I am certain that the business lost significant income because the in-person training, and her knowledge, wasn’t documented. Not to mention the time taken up searching for supplier details and trying to piece things together and learning software and filing systems.

While there were only 2 staff in that business, there was no contingency plan in place, should that employee suddenly leave.

This was my light bulb moment. These things can happen to us, and they do. In July 2019, I had to leave work suddenly as a family member became terminally ill. Experience has taught me the importance of documenting information. But what happens to your business if you, your family member or an employee leave suddenly?

Do you have that insurance policy, a solid procedure document that clearly details how your business works?

Could someone walk into your business tomorrow and follow it, and you feel comfortable knowing that at least 90% of your business would run exactly as you want it to?

Do your customers have exactly the same experience with your organisation each time?

Could you go on 4 weeks holiday and know that your business would run the same as if you were there overseeing everything?

As an owner or manager, these are all very valid questions, and ones that need serious consideration.  It’s not about being replaceable. It’s a critical part of your 12-month business review to revise how your business works and ensure that each process is documented accurately.

Process Revolution can help you document how your business works and proactively keep on top of your procedures, ensuring your business continues to run smoothly and staff have access to the most up-to-date information.



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